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Our BioThane® buckle collar is 19mm (3/4″) wide, features brass pin buckle and a D ring.

Please select your desired length, colour and pup’s neck circumference.
We’ll custom fit to your pup’s neck circumference to approximately the middle hole of your collar.

Looking to personalise your collar?
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What is BioThane®? How to clean?
Our BioThane® material is manufactured in the USA, it is a coated webbing which is ultra durable, waterproof, stink proof and features a variety of colours! For dogs who love to go on an adventure, Biothane is strong, durable and easy to maintain. We seal the ends of our leashes and collars to keep it waterproof.

Biothane can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a damp cloth. Always dry your gear to remove excess moisture before storing.

Read more about products and care guide.

We only offer gold (brass) hardware for our collars, they are rust proof and highly durable. They can be used in salt water.
There is no fool proof hardware, pet owners will usually find a style that works well with their pets. Be sure to do your own research to ensure you find the right style that suits you and your pets’ needs.

Read more about our hardware.

How to measure?
Our recommendation: use a measuring tape to measure up pup’s neck circumference where you want collar to sit.
Be sure that it is a snug comfortable fit!

No measuring tape? Grab a string, measure the neck circumference then place it on a ruler.

If you are currently using a collar, lay it flat and measure from the buckle’s centre bar to the hole you use for a proper fit.

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under 20cm, 20-26cm, 26-32cm, 32-38cm, 38-44cm, 44-50cm, 50-56cm, 56-62cm


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